University of Bridgeport

Adjunct Professor of Theatre teaching Fundamentals of Acting, basic scene study and character creation, and directing the first productions at UB in over 30 years.

Stray Kittens

The educational wing of Stray Kats Theatre Company, Stray Kittens offers classes to children and adults, approaching acting as a communications skill, of value and accessible to all.

Regional Center for the Arts

Taught acting classes and directed plays and musicals for this Magnet School program in Trumbull, CT

Waterbury Arts Magnet School

Taught acting, History of Theatre, Stage Management to middle and high school students.

Kate's Teaching Philosophy

Just because one is a working actor, it doesn't necessarily follow that one knows how to teach. After years of 'just doing it' I had to figure out what it was that I was 'just doing' in order to impart that knowledge to a student. It took a while.

One day while teaching at the Regional Center for the Arts, I had an epiphany. All these techniques, Meisner, Method, Chekhov, Grotowski, etc... All had certain things in common: the goal. The goal was to create a truthful, compelling, present character; to live that character's life within the context of the playwright's words and intentions. Everything on the way to achieving that goal was exercise; preparing the actor's mind, voice and body to achieve the goal. And the first step in preparing a student to make this journey is giving the student permission to have fun; to be open, free of judgment, willing to take chances, to listen and respond to what is there and NOT what you pre-determine to be there: to BE in the moment.

I believe teaching has made me a better actor. I strive to allow my students to feel better about themselves when they leave my class than when they entered. Teaching has been a joy!